[news] GBH Presentation at the Apple Store, North Michigan Avenue in Chicago

On Wednesday, June 12th at 7pm at the Apple Store on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, I’ll be giving a presentation about the journey of Good Beer Hunting entitled: From Passion to Platform. If you’d like to hear about how Good Beer Hunting began, how it grew, and how I manage to produce the content, connect with an audience, and build a business within the exploding craft beer market, please make a reservation on Apple’s website today. 

Some things that I’ll cover include:​

- the hardware and software I use to produce Good Beer Hunting’s content
- tips for producing content and engaging in an always-on culture
- how I continue to develop a unique story, perspective, and impact an industry
- where and who I pull inspiration from on a daily basis
- how I managed to make the leap into a platform, and then a business, based on my passion for craft beer

Make a reservation. Seats are always limited at these events! »​

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